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Soft Skill Syllabus

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  • Certified Basic Human Capital Management (CBHCM)
  • Certified Recruitment Management Professional (CRMP)
  • Certified Organization Development & Talent Management (CODTM)
  • Certified Compensation Benefit Profesional (CCBP)
  • Certified Human Capital Business Strategic (CHCBS)
  • Certified Professional Human Capital Management (CPHCM)
  • Certified Global Professional Human Capital Management (CGPHCM)


  • Sertifikasi BNSP Human Capital
    Skema Staff
  • Sertifikasi BNSP Human Capital
    Skema Supervisor
  • Sertifikasi BNSP Human Capital
    Skema Manager

Recruitment & Executive Search

Bizani Human Capital Consulting has been helping employers and job seekers since 2015 and have established themselves as a trusted recruitment partner. Bizani Indonesia’s reputation is built on the groups principles of honesty, integrity and customer satisfaction through our commitment to excellence in executive search (headhunting). Our selection of recruitment services is tailored to the specific requirements of our client companies in Indonesia, with employers being able to select either a database search or an executive search (headhunting) recruitment service, both of which are offered on a success-based or retained fee structure.

Human Capital System Solution


Multi-channel sourcing
Source candidates from a range of channels including job boards, vendors, employee referrals, social media and more.

Collaborate with the hiring team
Keep the hiring team in sync by bringing everyone on board your recruitment solution. This way, information is centralized and available to all.

Searchable candidate profiles & Psicology Test
When a candidate applies, their resume gets automatically parsed so its contents - education, skills and experience - become searchable. and Psicological Test online with all Interpretation.

Manage a talent pool
Nurture candidate profiles by archiving them to the talent pool and rediscovering them when relevant jobs open up.

Use data to improve your strategy
An out-of-the-box reports suite can help you delve deep into your hiring strategy to draw the right insights and improve your recruitment system.

Recruit on the go
An Android app and iOS app ensure that you can keep up with your recruiting pipeline even when you’re on the go.

Employee Engagement System

We want to Acknowledge, Recognize and Empower employees
After analyzing data from thousands of employees, the founders of Bizani concludes that happy employees are more productive and committed but not many organisations are equipped to measure employee’s happiness beyond the formulaic goal setting and year-end reviews. Recognising that the concept of employee engagement today goes beyond productivity and performance reviews, Bizani mission is to redesign the employee’s experience and provide a mobile-first engagement that enhances positivity, collaboration and recognition.

Talent Management Sytem

Talent management is a set of capabilities that are considered strategically important to the organization’s labor or workforce. Talent management systems are designed to manage talent through the entire lifecycle from talent acquisition through development to reward and measurement. Talent management systems help ensure that the best people are being hired, developed, trained, and compensated to maximize value for the organization. HCM suites will often include talent management capabilities as well.

Bizani Human Capital Consulting is designed specifically to help organizations solve common people-related HR pain points and meet these highly strategic goals. These systems can be broadly applicable to a range of industries and talent pools. Some talent management systems focus on specialized talent pools with unique needs, such as healthcare talent management 9 Box.

Compensation & Benefit System (Request Employee to Payroll)

The human capital department within any organization is considered to be highly critical for the entire organization. Its many functions serve as a supportive background for the company by providing everything from skilled and talented labor to management training services and compensation & benefit, employee enrichment opportunities and more. Since labor is the single largest expense for most organizations, human capital helps companies derive the greatest value from this important asset.

In order to function optimally, however, human capital departments must have the right tools and resources in place. A HRIS can be utilized within the department to help human resources employees and managers improve their productivity and the results of their efforts.

Fiture Compensation & Benefit System by Bizani: Request man power plan Online, Employee Administration Online, Online Attendance, Online Reimbursement, Online Payroll including BPJS, PPH 21, etc.